1. Blood work
We commence with a comprehensive blood analysis to measure testosterone levels. Before initiating any therapy, we'll conduct two essential blood tests to determine your suitability & eligibility for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). This is a regulatory requirement as we must see low testosterone on two seperate blood tests. Order one of the below tests and send us the results.
Take a closer look at your testosterone levels and see if you may have a deficiency.
Take an in depth look at your general health + key male sex hormones prior to TRT.
2. Initial Consultation
After collecting your blood work, you can schedule a free Telehealth consultation with our patient care coordinator. They will review your blood tests, explore your symptoms, discuss your medical history, and much more. If you are deemed a suitable candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), we arrange a Telehealth consultation with our registered Australian doctor who will discuss & arrange your treatment.
3. Commencing Treatment
After our doctor approves your treatment and writes your prescription, it will be sent to one of our trusted pharmacy partners. From there, your personalized medication is prepared and dispatched, ensuring direct and prompt delivery from their hands to yours. Treatment costs around $1,700 - $2,200 per year on average for clinic fees, medication and blood testing.
4. Ongoing monitoring
After the initial 6-8 weeks of TRT, we request you undertake follow-up blood work. This will enable us to evaluate your response to therapy, adjusting dosage as needed to optimize your health. Moreover, in our commitment to closely track your overall wellbeing and maintain appropriate testosterone levels, we require subsequent blood work every 4 months.