Here's how treatment works

Treatment with our TRT Clinic is a straight forward, streamlined process that will get you back to feeling and performing at your best in no time.
TRT can only be prescribed after speaking with a registered Australian doctor who deems you clinically eligible for treatment based on pathology investigations, medical history, clinical investigation and other criteria. TRT is not for everyone, eligibility criteria applies.
Step 1

Comprehensive bloodwork

The first step is understanding your hormones and overall health. We also check a range of biomarkers to rule out any contraindications to treatment, or any other pressing matters - this is done with two tests.

Testosterone Blood Test
Comprehensive Blood Test
Step 2

Patient care coordinator call

Now, let's delve deeper into your unique needs with a no cost consultation with a patient care coordinator or nurse. Think of them as your friendly guide, ready to listen and answer all of your questions.

What you'll cover

Review your blood test results
Explore your symptoms
Discuss your medical history
Answer your questions
Step 3

Doctor consultation

If you're a suitable candidate for TRT, you'll be connected with one of our registered Australian doctors for a Telehealth consultation to learn more and devise a personalised treatment plan.

What you'll discuss

Suitability for TRT
Potential side effects & risks
Craft your personalized treatment plan
Ongoing plan for health monitoring
Step 4

Medication delivery

Once your doctor gives the green light and writes your prescription, it's off to our trusted pharmacy partners who will dispatch your medication within 24 hours - with next day delivery in most cities.

Required supplies

Supplies such as needles and syringes are generally required - we will let you know what other supplies are required for your treatment.
Step 5

Ongoing monitoring

We'll track your progress and monitor your health with mandatory blood work and consultations every 4 months.

What's included

Reviewing 4 monthly blood work
Ongoing protocol optimisations
Unlimited ongoing consultations
Ongoing plan for health monitoring

Get TRT prescribed by licensed doctors and delivered by pharmacies across Australia

Treatment fee, medication, and private pathology for roughly $176 per month, based on the needs of an average patient.
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TRT is only available to those deemed clinically eligible after a consultation with a registered Australian doctor based on medical history, pathology investigations, and other criteria; eligibility restrictions apply