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Our team has a relentless focus and drive to change the landscape of the TRT industry in Australia by using personalised and up to date protocols so Australian men can restore their quality of life.
the problem

Understanding Hypogonadism (Low Testosterone) in Australia

Despite having one of the best healthcare systems in the world, Australia can fall short when it comes to specific conditions such as low testosterone and hypogonadism.

The Surprising Reality
  • Nearly 40% men over 45 have low testosterone. [1]
  • 20% of adolescents and young adults also suffer from low testosterone. [2]

Over the past two decades, studies have indicated a significant decline in testosterone levels among men, illuminating what could be a dark future for mens health…

Generational decline of testosterone levels [2]

Despite the increase incidence of low testosterone levels, many men may not be aware. According to recent surveys:

  • 55% of men say they do not get regular health screenings [3]
  • 41% of men were told as children that men don’t complain about health issues [4]

Despite strong evidence demonstrating how common low testosterone is, Australia seems to be slow when looking at the increased rate of prescribing in countries such as Canada and the United States.

Graph of testosterone prescriptions world wide compared to Australia [5]

In several countries, including the USA and the UK, the treatment of low testosterone and hypogonadism is widely accepted, and quite common. 

This proactive stance stems from a well-informed medical community that stays current with the latest research. Mainly on studies that emphasise the safety and benefits of responsible treatment.

However in Australia, there is still a stigma when it comes to treating low testosterone.

Alongside this, Australia has a very wide reference range for total and free testosterone, with the bottom of the range being far below what would be considered hypogonadal by international standards and societies that have a strong interest in researching low testosterone and hypogonadism [6].
Our Manifesto

TRT Treatment for men suffering from hypogonadism
Many men frequently encounter significant challenges in obtaining Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in Australia from their GP's or endocrinologists, even when facing severe hypogonadism.

Additionally, it's concerning how often other clinics prescribe excessively high dosages of TRT and unnecessary medications in order to boost their bottom line.

Our clinic is dedicated to providing a balanced and medically sound approach to TRT, ensuring our patients receive the most appropriate and safe treatment for their specific needs

Minimal effective doses & close monitoring:
For men that have low testosterone and are deemed eligible, we use minimal effective doses and monitor patients blood work frequently to keep levels in physiologic range and monitor for any side effects closely.

We do not prescribe to anyone and everyone:
TRT is only indicated and prescribed for men suffering from low testosterone confirmed by two blood tests, having symptoms that correlate with it, as well as no other clear cause of the symptoms.

We have robust and thorough prescribing protocols and ore than 30% of patients are deemed not eligible for treatment and advised to see their GP.

Rigorous patient screening for eligibility:
Before even speaking with a patient, our platform asks over 40 questions to get a better understanding of the patient prior to a doctor consultation. We obtain blood tests on two seperate days to confirm the investigations - totalling over 57 different biomarkers.
Why Telehealth?
Finding a doctor to prescribe TRT is a challenge in Australia. We work with a handful of doctors who have experience in managing patients on TRT. Having these doctors only working in a ‘face to face’ clinic would not be feasible, due to having patients in every corner of Australia. Telehealth also enables patients to save time.

What about the quality?
With our initial patient screening efforts (40+ questions prior to consultation, 57 biomarkers on two seperate blood tests and two consultations) we are able to ensure patient safety is a strong priority and confidently and allow our doctors to make accurate clinical decisions.

Our platform also recalls patients regularly and frequently, meaning they get a high quality of care so medical practitioners can monitor their treatment closely, and completely remote.

What about regulations?
All of our partner doctors are registered with AHPRA and located in Australia. They are under the exact same regulations and restrictions as ‘face to face’ doctors. Our clinic also follows the latest standards by the RACGP. 
What about patient safety?

Patient management:
One of the biggest benefits of being a digital platform is our ability to recall and monitor patients. Our patients are recalled every few months for more pathology and consultations. We also have regular outreach for our team asking if patients have experienced any side effects.

Internal audits:
Our team conducts internal audits to ensure our doctors and medical team are making the correct clinical decisions in line with our eligibility criteria. This is to ensure patient safety and correctly train anyone that may make the incorrect decision.

Referring when needed:
Through our comprehensive blood work we often identify many other illnesses that are referred back to local GPS for treatment, such as: prostate cancer, diabetes and metabolic issues. We often find clear causes of low testosterone, and refer patients to their local GP for better management.
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Here's how we help our patients over the long term

Our patients get bloodwork done every 4 months so we can monitor their health.
Our patients can enjoy the ease of our clinic while undergoing long term treatments.
We work with our patients to ensure every aspect of their treatment is 100% optimised so they feel great!
The health of our patients is our number 1 priority, so we're always here to help improve their health markers.

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