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Nearly 10-40% of men suffer from low testosterone[1]... It's time that changed.

Many Australian men grapple with the symptoms of low testosterone, and a significant portion may not be aware of their condition. For those who are informed, there's a challenge in accessing the most current and effective treatment options.

What are the common symptoms of low testosterone in men?


Testosterone can play a crucial role in men's mental health.

Brain Fog
Anxiety & Depression
Mood swings & Irritability
Low Motivation & Drive

Low testosterone can cause a drop off in energy levels.

Low Energy
Fatigue & Lethargy
Poor Focus & Memory
Poor Sleep Quality

Fat gain and muscle loss can come from low testosterone.

Loss Of Strength
Muscular Atrophy
Poor Recovery
Fat Gain

Testosterone plays a big role in male sexual health.

Low Sex Drive
Erectile Disfunction
Low Sperm Count
No Morning Erections
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How can testosterone replacement therapy help men with low testosterone?

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Improved quality of life [1]
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Better mood & cognition [1] [3]
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Increase muscle & composition [1]
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More motivation & drive [2] [3]
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Better sleep quality [4]

Your journey to treating low testosterone with our TRT Clinic:

Blood Work
We start with comprehensive bloodwork to evaluate your health and hormone levels, pinpointing symptom sources and determining your eligibility for treatment.
We conduct a thorough consultation with a patient care coordinator, and then a doctor - exploring your medical history, symptoms and devising a personalised health plan.
We develop your personalised protocol, prescribe your treatment, and promptly dispatch your initial medication supply from our trusted Australian pharmacy partner.

Common questions surrounding TRT in Australia

Getting access to TRT in Australia can be a long and confusing process. Here are some answers to help you better understand the process to getting treatment through our TRT clinic in Australia.

How does your TRT clinic work?

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How much does TRT cost?

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Is TRT legal in Australia?

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What are the TRT side effects?

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Is TRT a lifelong treatment?

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Life changing outcomes for thousands of Australian men

"The best in TRT replacement.…"

For anyone with a diagnosed TRT deficiency Enhanced Men’s Clinic offers the absolute best treatment available. Their doctors and staff provide outstanding customer service and I believe they are the no. 1 TRT Clinic in Australia.

Brent Basstian

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"The gold standard for men"

The gold standard for men wishing to live an optimal life. The service is great and I can’t recommend them enough

Jason Hare

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"Game changer"

Game changer. Makes sense to do it right with a team of Dr’s behind you instead of blindly going it alone. Ash and team are professional and timely

Justin Carsairs

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"Standout choice in men's health"

Their commitment to patient care, combined with Ash’s expertise and unwavering support, make them a standout choice in men’s health. Thank you, Ash, and the entire team at Enhanced Men’s Clinic for empowering me to embrace a better, healthier future.

Shane Quinn

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"Made simple and easy to understand"

Have found the process with Enhanced to be thorough and eye opening. Have been able to learn more and get outcomes so far. I am at the beginning of my journey, and it has been made simple and easy to understand so far

Cameron Lostroh

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"Very friendly and professional"

From the start of the process EMC have been very professional and supportive. Answered all my questions and guided me through the process and what to expect. Very friendly and professional follow up support. Highly recommend EMC to anyone thinking of trying TRT.

Mark Wesley

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"Great experience"

Everyone I have been in contact with at Ehnaced Men's Clinic has been polite and very helpful. Enhanced Men's Clinic has made the process easy, simple, and straightforward. Thank you to the entire team at Enhanced Men's Clinic.


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"Would recommend them"

Thwy have been amazing in helping me through this process, would recommend them to anyone dealing with men related problems

Steve Puplett

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"Very professional"

Very professional - awesome to deal with so far


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Treatment from just $6 per day

Treatment fee, medication, and private pathology for roughly $176 per month, based on the needs of an average patient

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