6 Month Treatment Fee (Unlimited Consults, Patient Support, Dr Script Writing, Future Prescriptions, Blood Work Review, Treatment Review, Order Management)
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Why check your testosterone levels?

1 in 4 men over the age of 30 have low testosterone. Our Testosterone Blood Test checks your total and free testosterone levels to see if you are low or not.

Leading TRT Clinic in Australia
Interpretation by TRT expert
Results in 12 - 48 hours

Biomarkers included:

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Take your health into your own hands.

Order online, no GP visit needed
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Order your private pathology referral through our website.
Print your private pathology referral and take it to one of 10,000 NATA collection centres in Australia
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Got questions?

Where do I get my blood collected?

Queensland: Find a collection centre here
New South Wales: Find a collection centre here
Victoria: Find a collection centre here
ACT: Find a collection centre here
Tasmania: Find a collection centre here
Western Australia: Find a collection centre here
Northern Territory: Find a collection centre here
South Australia: Find a collection centre here

Can I go to any collection centre?

No. Your pathology referral will only be accepted at the following pathology labs:

QML Pathology, Western Diagnostic Pathology, Dorevitch Pathology, Laverty Pathology, Abbott Pathology, TML Pathology

Do I have to book an appointment?

No appointment is required. Simply print your pathology referral and visit one of the above listed pathology collection centres.

What is a testosterone test?

A testosterone test is a diagnostic procedure that measures the concentration of testosterone in your blood.

This crucial hormone plays a pivotal role not only in male and female reproductive health but also influences energy, mood, cognitive function, and overall well-being.

Individuals might opt for a testosterone test to understand factors related to energy dips, mood fluctuations, or reproductive challenges.

By assessing the levels of this hormone, one can gain deeper insights into their physiological balance and potential health issues.

If you're considering a comprehensive view of your hormonal health, a testosterone test can be an invaluable starting point

What does testosterone do?

Testosterone, commonly recognized as the 'male hormone,' extends its influence beyond mere reproductive roles.

Responsible for the development of male reproductive tissues and secondary sexual characteristics, its significance is evident.

However, the function of testosterone is comprehensive. In both men and women, it regulates libido, ensures optimal bone density, determines fat distribution, and underpins muscle strength.

Additionally, it governs aspects of mood, energy levels, and cognitive precision.

Reasons to get a testosterone test

Your GP or doctor may recommend a testosterone blood test if the below apply:

Fertility challanges by both men and women
Low sex drive
Poor erection quality
Early or delayed onset of puberty
Low energy & fatigue
Loss of motivation and drive

Why should you get a testosterone test?

Considering a testosterone test? Here's why it might be a good choice to test your testosterone levels:

Testosterone plays a myriad of roles in our physiological functioning, from influencing our energy and mood to dictating muscle growth and fat distribution. An imbalance, whether high or low, can lead to a range of health complications, such as fatigue, reduced bone density, and mood disorders.

By opting for a testosterone test, individuals can gain a comprehensive view of their hormonal health, enabling proactive measures in managing potential issues and symptoms.

Whether it's optimizing lifestyle choices, making informed medical decisions, or simply seeking peace of mind, a testosterone test provides clarity and direction.

Common testosterone test questions

How do I test my testosterone levels?

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How do you know if your testosterone is low?

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How is testosterone tested in males?

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How can I order a testosterone test?

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Is TRT a lifelong treatment?

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